Pulsed Light


IFL™ ( Incoherent fast Light) is the new revolutionary patented technology of Novavision Group SpA that exploits the power of the incoherent light, not collimated.

In fact, thanks to the extraordinary characteristics of the new light source – developed ad hoc by the Research and Development Department in cooperation with a US manufacturer of light sources – you can calibrate the light beam on particular wavelengths so as to concentrate the energy for a specific treatment. Wavelengths allow the energy to reach in an effective and precise the target chromophore for designed treatment, without wasting energy on other chromophores, thus improving the result of the treatment.


IFL™, as well as carry out the unquestionable advantages of HPPL™ – cavity and reflector gold plated to the reflective properties and cooling / SuperBurst ™ technology for photorejuvenation treatments, discoloration and acne / water cooling source and filters / treatments that are performed without the use of gel / mono-client filters for the maximum guarantee of hygiene – it evolves introducing a light source with variable output, increasing the speed of emission of up to 3.3 pulses per second – allowing to treat up to 21 cm2 of tissue every second – and adding the PHAs™ technology for the photoactivation of active ingredients.

All this makes the IFL™ technology essential to those who want to perform treatments such as photoepilation, photorejuvenation, acne, wrinkles, scars and vascular lesions in a FAST, EFFICIENT and SAFE manner.




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